Why not using I.T. in teaching?

Today I.T. has become very popular by teachers as well as student. Computers and tablets are being used everyday for multiple things such as; homework, work, social media, search tool and much more.

In this Webquest we intent to use I.T. as a tool to learn English.

What is I.T.?Edit

I.T. stands for Information technology and is based on electronic devices which is meant store, retrieve, manipulate and transmit data. We say electronic devices due to the technology evolution which have indeed boomed the last 20 years. Today we have a big selection of devices to store and transmute data on including; Desk-computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles etc. Also with the use of the Internet gives us power to achieve new knowledge with just a point and a click. 

What I.T. devices can we use in the classroom?Edit

Today almost every school has access to the Internet and smart boards available in some or all classrooms.

We also experience that more and more students bring their laptops or tables with them to school. Why not use this opportunity in our teaching? And with smart-boards it makes it easier for the teacher to show students explanations in their computers or show web based media (like videos on youtube).

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