Here is some tasks one can use in working with I.T. in English lessons.

Grammar Games Online. (variety)Edit

The internet is full of online grammar games which can be used to inhance their vocabulary as well as their grammar skills.

Go Grammar

Fun English Games - Grammar videos

Writting taskEdit

Write a short essay (about a page) on what the student uses his or her computer/tablet on a dayly basis. For a more creative task they could make a comic with text attached on.

Draft example.


"Search and you will find" (8th-9th Grade - but can be altered)Edit

This task is to use internet as a orienteering race where the students uses their computers or tablets as a search engine. The goal of this exercise is teach students to search for answers (not necessary complete answers) on the web, yet still focus on being skeptical towards the sources they find (like the tendensy of using wikipedia, where there might be incorrect information).

[material in progress]  

Printable Exercise - English Ludo Game.Edit


The ludo board is printable.

You use the basic ludo rules, but with small alterations. Each color have a calegory of question.

Yellow - Quiz (It is a long animal without legs and long tongue, what animal is it?)

Blue - Family topic (Do you have any siblings? if so what are their names?)

Green - Miscellaneous (draw somthing on the black board, do jumping jack etc.)

Red - Clothes and space (What items do you find in a kitchen?)

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